Charged with a Driving Offence in the UK?  Received a Court Summons or Notice of Intended Prosecution?
Contact Driving Justice on 0800 6990 999 for a free consultation.

Driving Justice offers specialist legal advice and first-class court representation for all traffic and driving offences.  

By contacting Driving Justice you can speak to an expert barrister directly which means your legal fees are likely to be much less than using a drink drive solicitor or driving offence solicitor. You also get straight to the expert that can advise and represent you in court. Fees are agreed in advance of work being undertaken and no VAT is charged.  Our specialist driving law barrister will also visit you at your business or home address if convenient. Please call for a free telephone consultation.  Offences covered include:

  • Speeding
  • Failing to provide the details of the driver (s.172)
  • Driving with excess alcohol (drink driving)
  • Failure to provide a specimen
  • Driving whilst unfit through drink or drugs (drink driving, drug driving)
  • Driving without due care or attention (careless driving)
  • Dangerous driving / Death by dangerous or careless driving
  • Driving with no insurance
  • Vehicle taking or interference
  • Mobile phone use / traffic light offences
  • Criminal offences such as theft, common assault, battery and public order offences

For a free consultation:

Call 0800 6990 999

Driving Justice also operates an automated ring-back service so please leave a voice message and expect a call the same day. 

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