Police cannot prove driver was ‘using’ his phone

Client found not guilty for use of his mobile phone while driving as the police fail to prove that he was using it for a telecommunicative function.  Van driver receives a costs order for his legal fees.   

Exceptional hardship found for IT consultant

William pleads exceptional hardship for his client and IT consultant is allowed to continue to drive despite reaching 12 points on his driving licence

‘Buying back your licence’

If you have had a driving licence disqualification after an offence like drink driving or driving whilst disqualified you may apply for the removal of the disqualification or return of your driving licence (I have heard this referred to as 'buying back your licence').  This can be done after 2 years for a ban less than 4 years; after half the period for a ban over 4 and less than 10 years; and after 5 years for a longer ban.  I was successful yesterday for a client with his third drink drive conviction returning the licence after 4 years rather than the 5 years.  

21 points and 2 month disqualification

2 month driving disqualification imposed rather than the usual minimum of 6 months for a business executive that had accumulated 21 points for numerous traffic offences.  His wife's poor health was a contributing factor to the lower sentence.

Perverting the course of justice

Representing a driver for perverting the course of justice whereby he allegedly claimed it was not him driving on the s.172 forms for multiple speeding offences

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