Horse killed in the New Forest

Despite an aggressive prosecution of a bus driver for failing to stop / report after killing a horse, our client received 5 points and a £180 fine.  This was a truly tragic accident.   Nevertheless, our bus driver accepted that he did not stop and was late in notifying the police.  In his defence it was stated that the road was unlit on a wintery night and the bench found it would have been dangerous to walk back up a dark road in search of the horse.  As this offence carries a maximum 6 months in prison, the client was delighted with the outcome.  

No insurance charge defeated

Client was charged with no insurance after a motorcycle accident.  His partner had entered the details into Go Compare incorrectly.  Special reasons found and no points on his licence.  

"Once again, you did a fantastic job.  Thank you."  Faradh, London (van driver)

Exceptional Hardship found

Driving Justice succesfully finds exceptional hardship to a client's family and business.  This results in the client retaining their licence and continuing to drive.  


"Thank you for a great job in court - really glad I hired you"  Craig, (music industry)

Multiple Notice of Prosecution

Driving Justice represented a client with 7 notices of prosecution for speeding on different days over the Dartford Bridge.  Sentenced to 21 day disqualification rather than the usual 6 months for receiving 12 points.  

driving with no insurance trial

William represented a client charged with driving with no insurance at a special reasons trial.  An owner of a garage told the client 'he could drive on the garage's insurance' but this was not true. The magistrates found special reasons not to endorse his licence with the points.  

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