If the court finds you guilty of a driving offence, you could find yourself facing a hefty fine, community service, a prison sentence or a driving ban.  Therefore it is crucial that once you receive a court summons in the post you contact Driving Justice immediately to guarantee you accurate legal advice and first class court representation.

The following is a list of the most common traffic offences and penalties. There are many factors that affect the length of disqualification; the maximum is a lifetime ban from driving. If you reach 12 points within a 3 year period you face a minimum 6 month disqualification unless you can plead exceptional hardship for you or your family.  Potential clients are invited to call William for advice:

Offences Maximum Penalities
Speeding £1000 fine and either disqualification or 3-6 points
Failing to provide the details of the driver £1000 fine and either disqualification or 6 points 
Driving with excess alcohol (drink driving) 6 months imprisonment, £5000 fine and at least a 12 month disqualification (3 year ban on 2nd offence in 10 year period)
Failure to provide a specimen Same as drink driving above
Driving whist unfit through drink or drugs 6 months imprisonment, disqualification and a £5000 fine
Driving without due care or attention £5000 fine and either disqualification or 3-9 points
Dangerous driving 2 years imprisonment and disqualification with an extended re-test following ban
Death by dangerous driving 14 years imprisonment and disqualification (minimum 2 years) with a compulsory extended re-test
Death by careless driving 5 years imprisonment (14 years if under the influence of drink or drugs), 12 month ban and discretionary re-test
Driving with no insurance £5000 fine and either disqualification or up to 8 points
Driving whilst disqualified 6 months imprisonment, £5000 fine and further disqualification by 18 months
Vehicle taking or interference 2 years imprisonment in the Crown Court or 3 months and a £2500 fine in the Magistrate's Court
Failure to stop /report an accident 6 months imprisonment, £5000 fine and either a disqualification or up to 10 points
Use of a mobile telephone £2500 fine / 6 points
Totting Up If you reach 12 points within a 3-year period you face a minimum 6 months disqualification or more in some cases.