Driving Justice operates on a fixed fee basis agreed in advance of each court hearing so there are no unexpected charges.  Many cases will start and end on the first appearance in court following a summons; therefore expert advice and representation is available from an all inclusive price of £550.   The following is a list of some of the services provided for standard cases:

Service Total Fee
Free Telephone Consultation £0
Pre-hearing Conference (including home / business visit) £300
Representation at court for First Appearance  from £550
Exceptional Hardship and avoiding disqualification £750
Special Reasons to avoid points / disqualification £900
Trial on a Not Guilty Plea from £900
Part-heard trials £400

Driving Justice’s low fees and expert guidance has driven its popularity.  It is encouraged that potential clients compare the above prices to solicitor’s rates to see just how competitively priced this service is. Remember Driving Justice does not charge initial instruction fees or bill you when you email / telephone for advice or for any paperwork completed by us outside of agreed fees.  

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